🌿✨ Qigong Class: Open Your Body and Let the Qi Flow! ✨🌿

Come and discover the soothing power of Qigong! In our next class, we will focus on opening the body to better facilitate the flow of energy – the Qi. 🌊💫

🔹 Swing and Shaking Exercises: Increase your flexibility and experience a freer body feeling. 🔹 Mindfulness and Energy Flow: Feel the energy flow in your body through simple exercises and deepen your connection with yourself.

Bring your energy into flow and find harmony through mindful movements. ✨🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

🔸 Preparation: The next half hour from 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM is open for you to meditate in silence. Use this time to calm your thoughts, breathe deeply, and prepare for the upcoming practice. 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

🔹 Qigong Class: The actual Qigong class starts at 8:30 PM, where we will focus on opening the body and enhancing the flow of Qi. 🌊💫


When you join us, I invite you to meditate in silence. This means being mindful and connecting with the group without words. Take the sitting position that is most comfortable for you. If you want instructions for meditation, feel free to join 10 minutes before the official start.

🕗 Meditation: 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM 🕣 Qigong: 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM



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