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In the reality of love we find the universal bond that binds our hearts. Love is more than a feeling; it is a spiritual force that resonates in every smile, every touch and every moment of devotion. It is the gentle rustle of the soul reminding us that we are all connected. When we realize the essence of love, we open gates to a higher dimension of being where unconditional love is the source of our existence. In this divine embrace we find healing, peace and the true meaning of our existence. Let us ignite the flame of love and recognize it as the key to a fulfilling and spiritual life.


The essence of energy needs no explanation, but its presence is felt. Through experience we activate emotional intelligence and achieve inner wisdom.


The inner skills are the key to mastering what is on the outside. The clearer the mind is from unnecessary thoughts, the freer we can read or look at what is real.


Die Einheit von Körper, Geist und Seele gibt Geburt zum Bewusstsein. Achtsamkeit und Existenz befreien uns von der Illusion der Trennung und geleiten uns zur Vollkommenheit.

Gratitude is the beginning of love and leads you into the flow of life

Daniel Meli


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Yoga per Zoom

It's not about being exactly the same, but about being what you truly are - unique - in your essence and your being. If you just want to copy something, then you are moving away from yourself. However, if you simply allow yourself to be inspired and follow your own energy, then what is truly allowed to show itself will emerge from deep within you, from your innermost being. Would you like to arrive more in your body and feel comfortable, without pressure, without comparison, without artful contortions? I would be happy to guide you and show you mindful exercises with which you can let yourself fall deeper into yourself - not in your mind, but in your feelings.

Once a month I offer my self-developed yoga via Zoom, it's all about you, allowing you to feel yourself in your own way. If this appeals to you, you are cordially invited to join us from home, from your comfortable spaces. Daniel greets you from the bottom of my heart.

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YOGA - Zoom oder Live

YOGA - Zoom oder Live

20:30 - 21:45

Daniel Meli

In the depths of my soul a spiritual light blooms that strives for knowledge. As a seeker on the path of knowledge and self-discovery, I dance with the energies of the universe. My journey leads through the beauty of silence and the power of meditation. By connecting with my inner essence, I unfold the wings of my spiritual freedom. Every breath is a homage to the divine, and my journey is a constant awakening to the infinite possibilities of being. In this spiritual dance I discover the magic of life and the miracles that lie dormant in the invisible.

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